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FAQ - Common Errors

Images are not displayed

Images are an innovative component of digital books, so using them is important for most authors. If your post or book chapter contains images that are not displayed in your final book, here are a couple of recommendations to look at:

  • Make sure your URLs are publicly accessible: If you are creating your ebook from your local environment or you enable a firewall that limits connectivity, images will not be shown. Make sure your images are available in a public URL and accessible from he internet.

  • Disable lazy load plugins: Lazy load plugins are great for the web but modify the HTML code in a non-compliant way. More precisely, they replace the src attribute and load the images via JavaScript. As ebook readers cannot execute JavaScript code, images never show. Try to disable any lazy load plugin before generating your book.

  • If you are using Jetpack Lazy Loading Images: Try disabling this feature before generating your book.

    1. Navigate to Jetpack → Settings → Performance.

    2. Scroll to the Performance and Speed section.

    3. Click the toggle to activate Lazy loading for images.

      Jetpack Lazy Loading

      Learn more about Jetpack Lazy Loading Images.

Aside from these general recommendations, there are a couple of behaviors detected in specific formats.

Images are not displayed in EPUB

Some readers don't display remote images. For instance, the Mac Books app does not load remote images but Calibre does. Try including or embedding images inside the book. From our plugin, check the Content images section inside the Design tab.

Images are not displayed in Word

We use a third-party open-source library to create the Word document. We have detected that images placed inside a link will not be displayed in the final document. Currently there is no alternative, so the only solution to display the image in this case is removing the parent link.

Does this work with multisite?

The plugin (free and paid) works generating a book for every site of the network. In this sense, the plugin works with multisite. However, it does not allow you to create a unique book from all your network posts.

Are the files created using a cloud service?

It will depend on the output format. If the chosen format is premium (PDF, Audiobook or Online Book), it will be generated on the MPL-Publisher cloud service. If the output format is any other (EPUB, Word, etc.), it will be generated on your server. In these cases, no information will travel outside your servers.

Some Word chapters are blank

The empty posts are related with HTML validation errors. Try checking the "Validate content before download" into the plugin settings and it will output all the HTML errors in your content. Once they are all fixed, generate again your Word document.

Validate HTML errors

Why the MOBI format has been removed?

We are aware that Amazon is no longer supporting MOBI files as of August 2022 so we've decided to made all the necessary changes on our plugin.

You can read more details in the Amazon's announcement.

I get the error message “Invalid parameters passed.”

One of the posts you are trying to convert to a Word document has an a tag without a proper href (note that <a href="#"> also triggers the error). So you have to find in your selected posts which is the responsible one. Editing your link to something like <a href="#section"> should fix the error.

Another way to find the link could be running a SQL query with the text you are looking for. For example, running something like select * from wp_posts where post_content like '%href=""%' or post_content like '%href="#"% should return the root cause.