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Features & Requirements

For now, these are the current features:

  • Unlimited books and unlimited exports.
  • Select chapters (posts, pages, and “secret chapters”) to include in your ebook.
  • Set basic information about your book: Title, Description, Authors, ISBN, Publisher, Book Cover.
  • Download your ebook as EPUB2.0, EPUB3.0, Markdown, Microsoft Word (Docx), print-ready PDF, HTML for Kindle Direct Publishing, and Audiobook (mp3).
  • Add a widget to your sidebar to promote your book with your readers.
  • Promote your book using the shortcode [mpl] and their available options.
  • Basic filter and sort your chapters individually.
  • Add additional book chapters and edit current content.
  • Include your custom CSS styles into your books.


  • PHP 7.1.8 or higher
  • WordPress 5.0 or higher